Sunday, 11 March 2012

Autumn Leaves:progress

Second panel finished and stitched to the first- I am enjoying making this in small "quilt as you go" sections.

The 22" blocks are simple to piece and are just the right size for sitting hand sewing of an evening, big enough to get to grips with, not so large I'm swamped.

Also too small for cats to sit on/under whilst quilting/embroidering is in progress. Once they are completed, it is a different matter....

The backing fabric is also in sections- not so sure about this, I need to tweak the design further to be happy with it, but this is, after all, only the first version. Perhaps some more sashing appliqued on the back. I'll play with that idea this evening- though now the two panels are together, I'm sure the cats will want to test them out whilst I do it.


  1. I bet Fred or Rita are already snoozing on it...

    I can't read the blasted Word Verification!

    1. TA - I'm keeping it out of their reach,they gaze wistfully at it from their fluffy blanket on the windowsill...