Saturday, 10 March 2012


This has been a difficult week.
About ten years ago when I lived in Holland I was organising art and craft classes at a club for ex-pats. A lady called and asked 'is there a patchwork group?'. 'No", I said, "would you like to organise one?". She agreed. I had made two double quilts and a pair of curtains from patchwork in my youth and felt that I really had made enough patchwork for one lifetime, but as I was supposed to be organising and supporting such groups, I went along, promising myself it would be just for the first meeting, after which they could get on with it by themselves.
Ten years on I'm still patchwork quilting and still meeting up with the eight friends I made back then. We live all over the world now, but whenever we are in reach of eachother we get together. We go away together for a break when enough of us can arrange to be in the same country, during which time our champagne and canape consumption is never less than heroic. Likewise or fabric purchasing. Our ages cover a twenty years plus span, we now live in six different countries.
Yesterday five of of us managed to be at the funeral of the baby of the group, and our unofficial 'Brown Owl', a remarkable lady called Angela. I have never met anyone as capable of bringing people together as easily as Angela- without appearing to do anything- who could do as much without ever being in a flap or appearing to be under pressure, as ready and willing to have a laugh or give serious and sensible advice. I have been honoured to know such a delightful woman, such a good friend.
The first quilt we all made was a sampler quilt- mine only had four panels as I was impatient to get on with a second quilt: Angela's grew to a magnificent 24 panels- though she never did include 'Drunkard's Path"- a design intended for the quilt that we all hated doing and yesterday several of us ( myself included) admitted to throwing away our attempts at it.
So, above is a photo of my sampler quilt, the first quilt I made with my friends: this one is for you, Angela, with love.

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  1. Sorry to hear that you have lost a good friend Kate, it is always hard.

    I do like the Klimt inspired patches on your quilt.