Sunday, 18 March 2012

Not just quilting

I am very fond of science fiction. Especially science fiction films, and especially science fiction films that create an absolutely believable universe with serious money spent on getting every detail just right...I was thrilled by the new Star Trek film a year or so ago, beautifully directed and spot-on, even for a die-hard old Trekkie like myself . Oh what fun going to see it at an imax cinema.
Another imax treat is in store for me this Summer when a Ridley Scott directed (sort of) Alien 'prequel' comes out, Promethius. I still get absolutely terrified by Alien, despite watching it many, many times over the surprisingly many years since it came out and this new film looks to be pretty promising from the trailer- gorgeous design, nicely sinister and a very decent cast.
My Star Trek home-made costume of choice? Borg, every time- yes, I know Romulans or Ferengi have way more potential for quilting, but for me, it just has to be the Borg.


  1. Ha ha, funny to read about star trek on a blog like yours!
    Shows how many different interests one can have!
    I used to watch star trek together with my husband and I really liked all the
    I used to call it "a soap in space"...
    Whenever the borg were involved it got really scary!
    Kind regards, Mirjam.

    1. Mirjam- Star Trek helped improve my Dutch- on every day when I was living in Holland with Dutch subtitles- perfect!

  2. Ha! Star Trek unites, that's exactly what it should be about!