Friday, 2 March 2012

Time flies

I remember my Great Aunt Lucy saying, on her 90th birthday, "when you reach my age, it is Christmas all the time". I think I am starting to realise what she meant. I was still in my twenties then and time stretched out before me. Now I'm heading for sixty, before I even get to grips with what day it is, another week has gone and we are in March already. But a week with some pleasure- had to have some fun as there has been a lot of sorting of paperwork happening this week. Frankly, I'd rather do almost anything than tackle paperwork. Almost. I'd rather do paperwork than re-fill the salt dispenser in the dishwasher. The salt comes as little balls, balls that roll and bounce into every single nook and cranny of the kitchen when they overflow from the bag they are packed in. The bag is fine until you snip off a corner, then the heaviness of the salt instantly causes the bag to rip beyond your control and an avalanche of bouncing,rolling salt balls engulfs everything within a six foot radius. This happens regardless of any precautionary measures undertaken. I have a big plastic bottle I decant the salt into- easier to pour it into the dishwasher and as the bag falls apart in moments, easier to store the left-overs too. I have a funnel to guide the salt. Still have a kitchen covered in salt. Then it is time for kneeling in front of the dishwasher and pouring the salt in. Once again, impossible to do without major salt spillage. I think this is my most hated domestic chore, even cleaning the fridge is preferable. I am convinced that docking the Space Shuttle to the International Space Station is a simpler procedure than re-filling the dishwasher salt without spillage.

But I haven't spent all week with my head in the dishwasher/cupboard under the sink, I have made it into the conservatory to enjoy these cheery Clivia flowers- suddenly, as soon as the day length is right, the Clivia sends up its buds. Glorious.

And there has been sewing- brooches and the final version of the Autumn Leaves Quilt is started.
Made in brushed cottons, which are lovely to stitch but quite pesky to cut as they are rather slippy and, by heck, does bondaweb stick to them...not always in a manner one would wish it to!