Monday, 30 April 2012

Quick! Before it starts to rain again....

I can hear the rain hitting the window panes behind the curtains, but for most of today it was sunny. I realised right at the end of the afternoon that I really should grab the camera and take some photos of  garden flowers before they were once more smothered in gloom and rain. I was hoping to catch the tulips, which I've hardly looked at except from inside the house through a rain spattered window, but it was so windy out there I got photos of blurry colours instead of flowers. But the little crab apple tree , a pot of Bellis ( 60p well spent...) and my first Clemetis flower stayed still long enough for me to record them.
 Inside out of the wind I have the first few amaryllis in full bloom, loads more buds waiting to come out in the coming weeks. I nearly got rid of them all in a Black Dog moment during the Winter when I was despairing about a mealy bug infestation and feeling rather low. So glad I didn't! The bright red one I have had for 13 years, brought back from Holland by my husband the Winter before we moved there, there are now four or five bulbs, two of which have blooms this year: the stripy greenish/apricot one was a present from a friend in Holland, sent in the post 6 years ago after we returned to the UK, I have a pot full of this type now, the bulbs are multiplying nicely, seven flower stems in all this year:  the pink and white one was a 'rescue' amaryllis about 5 years ago- a friend was given it for Christmas and was going to throw it out, two flower stems on the bulb this Spring.
There is also a very jolly vase of orange Ranunculus left over from a bunch of flowers I was given two weeks ago- I keep shortening their stems and freshening the water and they just keep on blooming, lovely.

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  1. I like your pretties, all I have is Wallflowers and Rosemary blossom.