Friday, 20 April 2012

A quick photo opportunity

Very quick...raining again now!

As promised, some more jolly Swedish Garden photos, this time including my Chicken Cushion. I rather fancy making myself a little flock of these for the garden bench this Summer. A Chicken Cushion can be made in an evening and is an easy make, suitable for the novice quilter/sewer. Dowloadable Pattern for the quilt, chicken and some other Swedish garden items, coming to my Quilty Goodness Project Page....I would like to say soon, but...when I have some time to spare!


  1. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I cannot take my eyes off these colours. So, so clever.


  2. Hello Kate, just popped across from Cathy (PotterJotter)) and felt a real kinship with your quilts. I recognise a lot of the naive, folksy fabrics you use.

    I also love your comment under 'Finkstuff' about life being loosely controlled chaos, not Country Living - I REALLY wish I had said that first!

  3. I love these cushions! Such wonderful detail - I love the way you've stitched the wing :) Maggie xx

  4. Thank you ladies-I will be trying to get the patterns up over the next weeks.