Sunday, 29 April 2012

Rain! AGAIN!

Still really wet out there. Wet and windy. The garden is very neglected as there hasn't been enough time between fire-hose-style 'showers' to get out there and do any work. Indoors though, I try to keep busy. There is something about endless grey, wet Sunday afternoons that saps my spirit- time for a curl up on the sofa under a blanket with the cats, a book, a hot drink and possibly some knitting/sewing methinks, in the hope that tomorrow it will be a bit brighter. Meantime, here are the latest makes- a cushion using the front panel of my Kimono case design, embellished with embroidery


 and the first prototype of a Christmas Table Runner design. 



You can tell the weather is really pants today- it didn't feel odd to be making something festive- I think we just skipped the rest of Spring and Summer and jumped straight to Autumn.

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  1. Oh Kate, you said the 'C' word, I am shocked! Isn't the weather dreadful? SO fed up with it.