Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The thrill of Parcels

I'm still thrilled when a parcel arrives. I've never got over  my childish excitement about parcels, even when I know what is in them.
I've recently received two particularly exciting parcels.
I have, for some time, been gazing yearningly at various fabric designs by an Amercian designer, Tula Pink. I first spotted some of her designs on an American fabric website and really, really wanted some. Stupidly, I didn't give in, thought that one day I would find the fabrics here in the UK. Wrong.
 A range came out last year featuring a design with a Frog Prince and another with snails- oh how I wanted some of these. 


After an exhaustive search at every fabric shop I spotted online and in the real world here in the UK I gave in and ordered some from the USA. I'd noticed retailers in the USA had sold out of some colourways and designs, it was now or never. Oddly, just as I was succumbing I discovered a couple of her designs here in the UK-at Daisy Patchwork on folksy (thanks Maggie!)- from some earlier ranges and started my little collection with these two lovely designs,


making my my first happy parcel. 
Today my second Happy Parcel arrived all the way from the Fabric Shack in Ohio. I've bought fabrics from them before and they are a joy to purchase from, packing their envelopes so you get as much fabric as is humanly possible in them and often having special offers on postage. They are really friendly and always there is a little freebie with your fabrics - like a nice patchwork pattern. This time it was a version of 'Storm at Sea', by strange co-incidence a pattern I was after, how's that for customer service? So, now I have a lovely little stash of Tula fabrics. None of them ironed yet, as you have probably already noticed, but I was so wanting to show them off....


I'm planning what I'm going to make, it will be based on some 18th century buttons 


and I think the designs , especially this two colour turtle design, have a real Rococo feel to them, so should work well.


 I will hand quilt it and intend to use buttons and beading and embroidery in with the quilting. Loads of projects to work on first, but this fun project is ticking away at the back of my mind, getting slowly glitzier, biding its time.
It may well become easier to get Ms Pink's fabrics over here soon, she has a book of her quilt designs out and Free Spirit seems to be promoting her fabrics alongside it, so, fingers crossed!

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