Saturday, 23 June 2012

Are we excited? Yes we are! Popular Patchwork Magazine

At last I can reveal something I have been rather excited about for some time now.

 This month's edition of Popular Patchwork ( July - available right now) features one of my designs. It isn't on the front cover, it is lurking inside, but hey, have to start somewhere. The design featured is my Kimono Case - it can hold all your sewing bits and pieces/templates/A4 cutting board etc. and my own personal version weighs a ton I can fit so much into it. When I first made one I did it just to use the kimono somewhere, since then I have refined the design, made its carrying capacity greater and now you would have to prise my case from my cold dead hands I love it so much. I'm teaching how to make it at Lady Sew and Sew again in the Autumn, so if you would rather learn 'in the flesh', you can book a place at my class on their website.


Are we excited? You bet!

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