Thursday, 14 June 2012


I have to apologise for the ropey photos ( the state of the floor of my conservatory in the background leaves quite a bit to be desired too) but I was a just a little bit chirpy about how these projects are turning out and wanted to do some pictures RIGHT AWAY. 

First some pomegranates and leaves for the next little tree in the embroidered garden. 

 Second my new Christmas design- yes, I know it is June, but patterns have to be worked out well before the event! Thought it would feel very wrong making festive things in June, but the weather has been so vile I've  found it rather cheering. Not finished yet, photos really rushed, just wanted to share it before I burst with excitement. I love these fabrics, from Danish firm Stof- really funky,  not standard issue festive, but the strong colour and graphic patterns really hit the spot for me.


  1. Loving those reds and greens. Your design is really fresh and crisp and fun. (I've been doing the odd bits for Xmas too - heck ... I put woolly socks on everynight cos me feet are so cold .. in 'summer'!

    1. Two, yes TWO hot water bottles in bed with me! Was a magnificent 5 degrees in the wee small hours of this morning in my back garden.Summer. Awesome.