Thursday, 21 June 2012

Night Sounds

The weather this year has not been pleasant, colder, windier and wetter than usual, but it has its pleasures. Something I have really missed over the past few years of drought is waking up in the night to the sound of rain.

There is something I find rather comforting about the sound of gently persistent rain in the early dawn, especially at this time of year. One can almost hear the plants sighing with pleasure, digging their roots into soft wet soil, lifting their leaves to catch the drops. Strong wind buffeting the house in the darkness makes me unsettled, but gentle plopping and trickling of night-time rain is a turn over, snuggle down and go back to sleep sound.


  1. A sound that I can no longer hear, sadly. I am so bored by the rain now, I want it to stop for a few days.

    1. Me too- when it started again last night plus howling wind I despaired!