Sunday, 29 July 2012

A midnight "good idea"

Lying awake in the wee small hours the other night whilst away on my hols I decided that, upon return, I would re-organise my work space. I would get all my sewing stuff out of the sitting room, so it would be a proper relaxing room, go through all my bookshelves in the studio, sort everything, move everything around a bit and make it so much better. Easy peasy!
Yeah, right.

 I had decided to empty all bookshelves and clean behind them- the spiders and their webs were awesome, but oh, the CHAOS! As to moving all my sewing stuff in there away from the sitting room- not so sure that was a wise move, the studio is now very full- perhaps I should have moved the sitting room into the studio! Still lots to get through tomorrow, but the worst is over.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Back Home

I've been away. Away in a place where it was sunny. A place in Northern Europe where it was warmer and sunnier and dryer than home. It also has lovely botanic gardens...

beautiful embroidery books - I've been after this one for ages - and a kit to teach me how to do it. I may have been a tad optimistic with this kit, it is rather complicated, but, hell, in for a penny...

  I love Sweden and always have a craft shopping list for when I go there. 


 Threads are usually on it, Swedish linen and Danish cotton threads: though, sadly, there are many fewer shops selling proper crafty sewing things than there were a few years back, but the Svensk Hemsljod Shop in Stockholm is always a pleasure to visit, lovely things to look at, mouthwatering threads,fabrics and wools and really delightful helpful staff. This time round my Desirable Craft Object to Bring Home With Me was a Blackbird. 


I saw these fabulous birds two years ago when I was last in the Hemsjlod shop in Stockholm and have been regretting not buying myself one ever since. In the Winter months I can get 13 or more Blackbirds visiting my back garden and I liked the idea of having one indoors with me to confuse them, they aren't the brightest of birds and have such wonderful zingy yellow rings around their slightly crazed eyes, they cheer me up no end. I didn't take a camera and at times, especially in the Hand Craft Show, I regretted that, but the sketchbook got pretty full by the end, loads of things to work on further.




 To see some pictures of the wonderfully inspirational Hemsjlod 100 Years show- google images "hemsljod  liljevalchs"- one room had loads of materials so you could make things, so I did.

At the nearby Nordiska Museet ( one of my all-time favourite museums) there was a big weaving show where you could try out weaving, watch weavers working on their looms and see some absolutely stunning woven fabrics.
Returned after a detour to Chichester for some plays- The Resisitable Rise of Arturo Ui and Kiss me Kate are both FABULOUS shows- but forget Heartbreak House. Beautifully produced, but the play just isn't worth it, a load of nonsense, annoying nonsense...oh how I wished I had left at the interval, the second half was torture. 

 Back home is best not dwelled on- European washing mountain after I stupidly suggested to my daughter that she bring home all her clothes and bedding as she was moving flat and I would wash and mend it all for her so she could then decide what stays and what goes...toilet cistern had gently leaked all over the floor whilst we were away ( quite proud that I mended it all by myself, well, me, a mallet and the limescale remover) had died after a power cut on the day we left frazzled its tiny brain...the sewing machine mending man has left a note 
( as he couldn't get through on the phone) saying he is on holiday so my machine won't be done until he returns...oh and my car decided to go wrong on the way home, limped back, off to garage next week, if it can get there. Sounded expensive...and as for the tomato plants Sir swore blind he had given " a damn good soaking"...normal service resumed! Holiday? What holiday?

Monday, 9 July 2012

The wonder of the interenet... that you can see quilts from everywhere and now you can hear the  quilters too- just been listening to two American designers that I've admired for some time- Tula Pink, followed by the two ladies who are Piece o' Cake Designs- love their work. So interesting listening to designers talking about how and why they do what they do. The site has a great archive too. Try it out! American Patchwork and Quilting's once a week radio show. The Show is at 9pm GMT on Mondays.

Get cosy.

It is so very gloomy outside- the light is like November light today and just like November, I have a chesty lurgy and feel pants. Not July at all. So I've made my coffee pot a nice cosy and jacket to keep my coffee piping hot so the second/third cup is as hot as the first. I find that as I've got older a full mug of coffee has lost its allure, I now prefer a dainty cup, a mug is somehow way too much. Odd this, as a full half pint glass of good cider still doesn't feel anything like too much.

My Top Tip of the Week? Never attempt accurate sewing when feeling just have to keep re-doing it until you get it right.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

A little Holiday in Bridport

I would post photos of West bay at sunset, I would post photos of the glorious view from Charmouth beach of the sweep of the Jurassic coast  bumping its away into the far distance, I would post photos of Bridport in Summer Festive mode, bunting flapping in the sunshine, I would post photos of the green views and the clump of trees on Colmers Hill. I would, if I could.  Thick fog, creeping sea mist-call it what you will- low cloud and persistent heavy rain. Yes, a short break away spent in some of the best weather we have had thus far this Summer. Thank Heavens for Mr Snook and his Hat Shop, purveyors of fine and really, truly waterproof stylish headgear and the wool shop Yarn in South Street for emergency grim weather indoor knitting supplies.
Back home now to glorious weather. And work. Hey Ho.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

SSSSH! Secret Squirrel!

I would love to post photos of the projects I'm working on currently, but they have to remain secret for a while soon as I can show them, I will....stuff is being made and designed, lots of it, despite the sick sewing machine, but it all has to stay under wraps. This past week or so it has gone a bit mental here- lots has been happening, lots of very exciting things that I will reveal when the time is right, but in the meantime SSSSSSSH! Secret Squirrel!