Sunday, 29 July 2012

A midnight "good idea"

Lying awake in the wee small hours the other night whilst away on my hols I decided that, upon return, I would re-organise my work space. I would get all my sewing stuff out of the sitting room, so it would be a proper relaxing room, go through all my bookshelves in the studio, sort everything, move everything around a bit and make it so much better. Easy peasy!
Yeah, right.

 I had decided to empty all bookshelves and clean behind them- the spiders and their webs were awesome, but oh, the CHAOS! As to moving all my sewing stuff in there away from the sitting room- not so sure that was a wise move, the studio is now very full- perhaps I should have moved the sitting room into the studio! Still lots to get through tomorrow, but the worst is over.


  1. I know the feeling! I always start with good intentions and then run out of energy when I run out of space! I hope it all goes well. Maggie xx

  2. I applaud you, Kate. I feel a little faint at the thought!
    Hen x

    1. Hen, I realise now, when it is all nearly done, that I will be spending the next year ( at least) looking for things that used to be in one place but are now in another. I've not yet really got over the last 'tidy up'. Sheer madness.