Thursday, 5 July 2012

A little Holiday in Bridport

I would post photos of West bay at sunset, I would post photos of the glorious view from Charmouth beach of the sweep of the Jurassic coast  bumping its away into the far distance, I would post photos of Bridport in Summer Festive mode, bunting flapping in the sunshine, I would post photos of the green views and the clump of trees on Colmers Hill. I would, if I could.  Thick fog, creeping sea mist-call it what you will- low cloud and persistent heavy rain. Yes, a short break away spent in some of the best weather we have had thus far this Summer. Thank Heavens for Mr Snook and his Hat Shop, purveyors of fine and really, truly waterproof stylish headgear and the wool shop Yarn in South Street for emergency grim weather indoor knitting supplies.
Back home now to glorious weather. And work. Hey Ho.

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