Thursday, 2 August 2012

A false start

 A few of weeks back I got very excited about the prospect of some of my designs being published in the Christmas Issue of a Quilting Magazine- I even wrote a post about it, though within minutes I deleted the post after a bit of online digging unearthed rather more about the magazine than its very stylish and on-trend contents give away. The magazine that wanted to publish my designs is Modern Quilting. I saw issue 2 of the magazine and really liked it- interviews with interesting designers, nice did cross my mind that it was very American for a UK magazine, but then, lots of interesting quilts and fabrics are being created in America that get not much exposure in magazines over here. So I wrote a post about it for the blog then visited the magazine's website with a view to a link - mmm, seems like the magazine has just been put into liquidation and a new publisher has taken it over... the website is, well, not what you would expect of a functioning magazine...alarm bells started to ring and I erased my blog post hastily.
 I've continued to dig around online for information about the magazine and the more I read the less I like it. I read quite a bit before I went off on my hols and since returning I've read more. Up to date details of what seems to be happening with the magazine are emerging on various sewing blogs. I shan't be sending them my Christmas designs to publish, I shan't be enthusing about their publication- I suspect the reason so many American designers are featuring in their pages is that so far word hasn't got across the water that the magazine would seem to be, from what I have read in many places over the last weeks, well, somewhere between flaky and downright crooked. Amongst its victims are designers, subscribers and suppliers. It is a real shame that a potentially interesting and fresh magazine covering an area of quilting interest that others don't currently cover seems to be just a sham - be warned and read all about it, there are many links you can follow from Ravelry and many sewing blogs- just google Modern Quilting Magazine or Sew Hip and you will be turning over stones and seeing what crawls out from underneath them and very educational it is too. My heart bleeds for the ladies who have sent their quilts to the magazine for photographing with, it seems, no hope of ever getting them back or being paid for their hours of work writing up the 'how to' instructions. 
A lesson learned for me, a hard one too.


  1. Oh Kate, this is shocking. Could cry for those who have lost their quilts and precious time. I'm so glad you were not so far down the line with them. Well done for being so thorough in your research.
    Hen x

    1. Hen, I was really taken aback when I started to look into it- so many people who have been treated shabbily: many of them said the same thing, they were thrilled to be having their designs in print and instead it became a complete nightmare. All one can do is pass the word on so other quilters/designers don't get their fingers burned.