Sunday, 12 August 2012

Dowdy jackets? No thanks!

A year or so ago I realised that I no longer suited all the black/grey/brown clothes in my wardrobe. My skin and hair have lightened with age and I just look like a bowl of porridge in my beloved neutral  clothes. Fortunately, my niece, who has luxuriant deep auburn hair and peachy cheeks, looks fabulous in all my rejects. I have been steadily replacing neutrals with bright colours. It really has cheered me up opening a wardrobe full of colour every morning and deciding which colour to go for today- turquoise or magenta? Lime or purple? I have hung on to two linen jackets as they are just so comfy and useful in Summer, but they needed perking up with some colour. 
Today, at long last, I got round to having a bit of fun with them and livening them up. When I first had this black jacket I put white stitching around the neckline, now it is joined by colour and stripy edging- also on the turned back cuffs- and some button detailing. The original, nice but dull, coconut button is replaced with violet mother of pearl.

The grey jacket has grown some embroidered detail around the neckline, the boring dull metal buttons are now patterned mother of pearl and down the front is a lovely piece of Laura Foster Nicholson ribbon.
Ms Nicholson is a weaver and also designs ribbons, she has a lovely website full of her delicious ribbons- which you can order by the yard and they will ship to the UK- I have a few of her designs in my sewing box awaiting use to jazz up various garments old and new. I am planning getting a few more- I think that some extra ribbon detail would be good on some of my quilt projects...they really are some of the nicest ribbons I've come across anywhere.

All the buttons are from Textile Garden- the best selection I've come across, buttons to make you drool. It is an online button/haberdashery shop- though sometimes the lady who runs it ( with the help of her family) has a stand at sewing/knitting shows, they were besieged by eager ladies at Stitch and Knit at Alexandra Palace last year and will be there again this Autumn. She also has a very mouthwatering selection of ribbons and tapes.


  1. Haha ! I too look like a bowl of porridge in darks and I used to look so cool! You've certainly brightened up those two though - fab ideas. p.s. may see you at the Quilt Show (my first time - can't wait) - I'll be the one with hubby in tow (will he be the only man there??!!!) Yikes. xCathy

    1. I'm just back- there were some chaps there,some of them were quilters too,so he won't be alone. Hope you enjoy it! I think we must be there on different days this time, but next year we should organise ourselves to meet, that would be fun- are you doing Alexandra Palace in October by any chance?

  2. Aha! Someone else being inventive with their clothes! I've got two more shirts to dye so I shall be rummaging around in the scrap bag for more pretty bits and pieces!