Saturday, 25 August 2012

Festival of Quilts

or, I was a Quilt Show Virgin.
I am still trying to work through all the things I saw at the Quilt Show. I didn't take my rather large, ancient, memory-capacity-of-a-goldfish camera. I knew there would be loads of quilts I would want to take pictures of and that I would find my camera running out of battery/memory really, really annoying, so I opted for just looking. As it was my first visit I guessed it might be a bit overwhelming and I was right.          So many many styles of quilt...where to start?

Things that stand out-

  •  seeing a Dear Jane quilt in the flesh- I have no wish to make one, but rather wanted to see one so I could check out the lovely triangular edging blocks, which as as snazzy as I thought they would be. 
  •  the Pauline  Burbridge retrospective. I first came across her quilts in the late 70s and still have the copy of Crafts Magazine that featured her 'egyptian' quilts as I liked them so much. Wonderful to see the progression of her work, all of it absolutely stunning.
  •  meeting Jane Sassaman and Tula Pink- two ladies whose textiles and quilts I have long admired-never thought I would meet them and see their fabulous quilts for real. I have become a fan-girl in my dotage.
  •  how brilliant is it to have a Quilt Show that ANYONE who makes a quilt they feel particularly proud of can enter?
  • fabrics, so MANY fabrics... I was under orders from Sir to find some really nifty Halloween fabrics to make a hanging and there really were none to be found, which was a surprise. Nor were there ANY brushed cottons- homespun, yes, flannel, yes, brushed cotton, no. Sigh. Looks like my stashette of brushed cotton have to last for the forseeable future. Still found some to bring home with me though, despite constantly reminding myself that "I do not need fabric, I do not need fabric", but how irresistible was the Oakshott discontinued so not to be found again fabric? And I feel a Winter sludgetastic serious piecing event coming on with red and pale sludge beauties.
  • threads, so many threads...gimp, cotton, Pearsall's silk ( may not be available for much longer, so get it while you can), Valdani space-dyed perle.Yum,yum.
  • lovely ladies from everywhere where ladies quilt, all chatty and charming and feisty- especially the two ladies from Lymington we had a drink with on Friday evening. If I am half as fabulous as they are at c.80, I shall be well pleased and let us not forget meeting Blog chums in the real world, to drink tea and talk sewing machines.
  • how startlingly easy it is to bump into the one other person you know to be there that day within half an hour of entering the show despite the show being absolutely huge and full of thousands of ladies?
  • how even more startlingly easy it is for another lady you know to sit right behind you on the one and only very full shuttle bus you take?
I did feel rather shell-shocked after two days of solid Quilty Goodness, shell-shocked, but happy.  Loads to think about, lots of threads to use, fabrics to contemplate, some very luscious trimmings from the fabulous Aarti Ji's and some quilt hangers. This last purchase makes me feel there is now no hope for me, I am a fully paid-up quilt maker. Somehow, for me, quilt hangers are an admission of seriously addictive quiltedness. No turning back.

The icing on the cake? A workshop taught by Tula Pink at my local fabric shop, Lady Sew and Sew on the Wednesday after the Quilt Show- more of that when the project we started is finished- currently languishing awaiting my finishing ten pill-box hat and epaulette sets for the rather marvellous Bridport Palace Cinema...must get back to my needle.


  1. That is definitely the final nail in the coffin - owning your own quilt hanger. Tsk! ;-)