Thursday, 6 September 2012

What's Happening?

Quite a lot, is the simple answer.
 In a week's time I need to be ready for the third Bridport Hat Festival, so hats will be centre stage, but some quilting action has been taking place, to Rita's delight.

Photos and instructions for the Chicken Cushions have been prepared for Popular Patchwork and I'm working on a design ( above) for their Christmas Issue- more of that soon. On a personal sewing front I'm finally fitting in some stitching on the "Bird" quilt (right) and working on some quilted hanging ideas- after all, I got myself  three hangers at the Quilt Show, they need to be used-  one to be made in Tula Pink's 'Prince Charming' range (below)

and one in her 'Birds and Bees" range. They will both feature elements of piecing and applique- some bondawebbed and some 'proper' applique, plus embroidery and quilting. Both still in the working out phase, but I'm slowly getting to grips with what I shall do where and which fabrics and colours to use. I've also got some more Christmas designs mulling around awaiting making up ( below left).
  But they will have to hang fire until the Hat Festival is over. Only so much one can do in a week.  Recent chilly mornings and evenings and the gradually shortening days have me rather excited about the quilting and sewing possibilities that being stuck indoors in the Autumn/Winter present. I hesitate to wish away what little Summer we have had, but, I'm ready to dig out the Autumn cushion covers and throws and put my toadstools on the mantlepiece- time for a change!


  1. You're a busy bee, Kate. Sadly, we will miss you at the Bridders Hat Festival as it clashes with the '40s weekend at Chatham. Hope it goes well.
    Hen xxx