Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A Quick Hallow'een Make

 Here's a simple make for all ages, a 7 year old a 13 year old and I (58) all had fun with this one yesterday. Takes about an hour/hour and a half to do, so can be made in time to use tonight.

You will need:
Large (A2 or thereabouts) sheet of thick paper/thin card for backing the Pumpkin head- stuff from the recycling is the best, you don't need fancy paper!

Old newspaper.

White/black coloured paper and some tissue paper if you have it- again, use up some of those scraps.

Optional Glitter ( I just know you will have some of this lurking about the place).

Brush for spreading glue- a nice big hog hair paintbrush or small house painting brush is great for this job.

Glue- PVA craft glue is best, use it thinned down with water ( like double cream) so it will soak through the paper and stick it really easily.

What to do:
1) On your backing sheet draw the largest pumpkin shape you can fit on, with a stalk.
2) Tear up lots of bits of random newsprint- try to get some contrasts of light and dark so you can create the 'stripy' look of a pumpkin surface. 
3) Work your pumpkin bit by bit- spread glue on the backing sheet, slap on the torn out newsprint to make a random layer of overlapping bits and brush them over ( gently) with glue to make them stick down- like making just one layer of papier mache. Fill in the whole pumpkin this way. Just keep sticking until you are happy with the result!
4) Decide just what sort of of mouth/nose/eyes you want and what colours you want to use. Cut from your black/white/tissue/coloured paper. Stick down as before.

5) while the glue is wet sprinkle on your optional glitter for added spook appeal.

6) With scissors cut out your finished pumpkin shape. Leave to dry, then use to scare people- could be a mask, a hanging decoration, a tablemat...the choice is yours.

Happy spooking!

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  1. Hmmm - maybe one day when I have grandkids to do it with, but for now ... am just loving your funky christmas tree below - all that red and black - gorgeous. Hope you had a happy Halloween too! xCathy