Monday, 1 October 2012

My twig- and new felt leaves

On a brisk Autumn morning after a windy night  I was out walking and found a rather splendid twig.

Being partial to a bit of twiggery I brought it home, suspended it from fishing line so it looked like it was floating above the kitchen table and ever since I have had the fun of decorating it to suit the seasons.

 Summer is still a work in progress, Spring and Christmas take care of themselves, Autumn was a bit thin- just some sparkly spiders...then last year I found some tiny toadstools and this year I have finally got around to making some felt leaves - only been promising myself the pleasure of doing this for the
three years or so since the twig arrived.

My evening enjoyment is making leaves to hang on my twig.When we get closer to Hallow'een they will be joined by some sparkly stars...already pondering the Hallow'een Sideboard of Cake...
 This Autumn stuff is a pleasant way of recalling where we are in the year. My days are being spent making Christmas items and writing up patterns for  one of my  festive designs which will be in Popular Patchwork's Christmas edition, so I need something to remind me that we aren't there yet!


  1. Love 'em! But I still want Summer! Bought my ticket to ally pally today. Tempted?
    Hen x

    1. Evening Hen!I could do with a bit less howling wind and thrashing rain this evening for sure! Already been tempted, got ticket.Kx