Thursday, 4 October 2012


Orchids are the most obliging house plants- as long as they are kept warm and in gentle light, watered- not too often-  with rain/boiled water and given an occasional gentle feed they just keep on blooming. The blooms last for weeks- sometimes months. This week I have several in bloom, two particular delights- a friend gave me this one over a year ago and it has produced a new flower shoot this Autumn, I have it on the desk beside me and in the evening it gives off a beautiful perfume. The other was given to us eight years ago when we moved into this house.


It had a baby about four years ago and both of them produce multi-stemmed flower shoots of gorgeous pink veined flowers that last for around three months- fantastic and so enjoyable on a gloomy evening when the rain is lashing down outside!

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  1. Mine stopped flowering and have just sat on the side looking drab and boringly, darkly, green. I got fed up with them and gave them to my daughter, life is too short to look at drab green.