Friday, 19 October 2012

The wettest dry day

 Today was supposed to be dry. The weather forecast said no rain. All day long we have had persistent drizzle/light rain, which, after the ridiculous quantity of water that fell from the sky earlier this week,  has made it pretty vile outside. But inside it has been festive as I have been working on some photos of my Christmas Table Runner, which will be in Popular Patchwork later this year. More light to take the photos would be helpful...but I think there is little chance of that today!


  1. I love this Kate. It's really mega! I would like one of these so please let me know when the issue is out.
    Hen x

    1. Thanks Hen! I think it is in the first of the Christmas editions in mid-November,I'm doing the photos this weekend and it is usually a month ahead that stuff is done- possibly the issue out mid-December- you will know which as it is going to be - wait for it - on the cover!