Saturday, 3 November 2012

First proper frost

The first week in November is the time when the first proper frosts usually happen around these parts and the leaves start to take falling very seriously. Trees have been turning for a while now, slowly and steadily leaves have been drifting down, settling in thick carpets of  startling colour. The grass is still rich green after all the rain we've been having, so the contrast of deep, bright green grass and russet/lemon/red leaves is eye-popping.
November can bring wondrous sunsets and gorgeous moons, this past few days have really delivered- a bright full moon rising in the East, every crisp crater visible and right beside it, a sparkling view of Jupiter.
 This morning the cats were insistent that they would go outside through the front door. The front door faces South and out there this morning was a sky half-full of pearly swathes of clouds, the river valley hiding under a layer of pure white mist. My big Whitebeam was dropping its red leaves as I watched, a sure sign of overnight frost, frost that had already turned to sparkling droplets in the early sunshine. The back garden was a real contrast, the ground white with frost and plants still covered with a rime of ice crystals.

 Proper November weather- should be a wonderful sunset tonight, this morning a fresh coffee in a frosty Wedgwood cup, decorated with Wintry clematis seed heads.

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  1. I don't think it was quite that cold up this end Kate. Lovely pictures m'dear.