Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Oh the excitement! My Funky Tree Table Runner.

I knew that this project was going to be in the December issue of Popular Patchwork, I knew it would be on the cover- didn't quite realise it would be the BIG cover photo, until just now when I went to their website to have a look I excited? You bet! And yes, I did have to lock the cats out of the kitchen for most of a day so the cover photos wouldn't include them.

 I'm still working on another version of the design, adapted as a wall hanging, progress has slowed as I've been laid low with the lurgy for ten days or so, and it is no use sewing when ill- you just do it wrong, repeatedly! Back on sewing form today. The new version is in very different fabrics ( hello festive sludge) and features more embroidery, using the Coats crochet yarns, which are proving very good indeed for working with as embroidery/quilting threads. I was a bit down in the dumps after over a week of feeling pants, but not any more, the sun is shining and I'm back making things. Hoping to get this finished in time for the Open Days at lady Sew and Sew next week.

If you would like to come to a class to play around with using the Funky Tree and other related designs come along to Lady Sew and Sew on 27th November. 

 I will also be teaching my Kimono cushion/stuff holder there next week on November 13th

 How did we get to mid-November so fast? Scary!


  1. Congrats, Kate, is a great design. I will look for it in Smiths and say "my famous friend designed and made this". Bought some nice xmassy fabrics at the CL fair today and a few online last night. Oops! Hope you're feeling better.
    Hen x

    1. Sewing again today, so improved- only had to unpick something three times,nearly a normal brain! More fabrics....I know the problem....x