Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Gingerbread House: Building the house

This is the hardest bit as it requires you to curb your enthusiasm. Having baked and shaped the Gingerbread pieces for the house and made your Royal Icing 'cement' you really, REALLY want to see the finished house...but steady....take this slowly. Trust me, giving the icing the time it needs to set firm is crucial!

Start with two sides of the house, pipe a strip of icing on the edge that you want to stick. Press the pieces together, firm but gentle is the technique needed here. Prop it up so it stays in position- straight sided mugs, tins of beans, books or small boxes are good for this.

  Do the same with the other two sides. Leave them an hour or so to set, then VERY gently pipe a nice thick strip of icing all the way down the inside of the join. 

Leave them to set- overnight is good. Yes, overnight. Then the icing will be set properly  like rock. 

Now stick your two half houses together to make a complete house. Prop and leave to dry. The roof is heavy, so it is really important you let the house set firm before trying to put the roof on.

 Roof tiles- while waiting for the right moment to put on the roof, you can get it tiled. Using stripes of piped icing, stick buttons on one row at a time. Leave to set, with the house, until tomorrow.


Once your house is set you can decorate the walls- chocolate finger biscuits make good beams and doors- pipe icing to fix them in place and pipe extra decorative bits of icing to jolly it all up. Let all this set thoroughly before the final stage of putting on the roof.

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