Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year

 I started this blog intending it to spur me into action, I thought if I did something public it would make me do more did. I was only going to post photos, but somehow the words started too. I never imagined so many people would look at it.
Now I get visitors every day from all over the world: hello and thank you all for dropping by. I hope those of you that also made the Gingerbread House this Christmas had as much fun as I did watching the small persons it was intended for eating it all up, that you have enjoyed seeing paintings from sketch to finish, the flowers, the quilts, the felt brooches and all the other nonsense on my blog. Happy New Year to you all, thanks for reading and looking and lovely to meet some of you in the real world this year - see you again in 2013! 
Have a good one...x

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