Thursday, 27 September 2012

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Late afternoon garden

Despite all the rain for most of the Summer, now it is dry. Dry as a bone. Again. Leaves are turning and  colours should be really strong as the sugars are burned by Autumn sunshine.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Open Days at Lady Sew and Sew

Today was the first of two Open Days at Lady Sew and Sew. The fabric wharehouse has been open for a year this month, and I was asked to make some displays to help the celebrations. The white/cream fabrics were a bit dull on their own, so one of my dressmaker's dummies has gone on holiday to Henley for a few weeks and is togged out in odd bits of calico and cellophane to make a patchworking bride.


The Hallow'een display ghost is perched on some of my hat stands, fresh home from the Bridport Hat Festival, 

and I never knew there were so many different fabric advent calendars available!

We have a good supply of Autumnal fabrics too- oh, and a couple of chicken cushions hanging about looking innocent. To see more of them head to Popular Patchwork's November edition.

The next Open Day is on Sunday- I shall be doing my 'show and tell' talk again, hope to see you there- there will also be a talk from Rowan/Coates Yarns and Fabrics- which should be fascinating. They have put together some really lovely displays of Tula Pink and Kaffe Fassett quilts and fabrics at the wharehouse.  Tula's quilts are over from the USA and won't be here for ever, so grab a chance to see them while you can: there is a lovely selection of Kaffe Fassett quilts too- worth a trip over just to see them- and as for the display racks of Rowan fabrics,well, yummy sums it up nicely.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Bridport Hat Festival Weekend 2012

A very busy few days.
Beautiful weather on Saturday and the town was very busy- I only see the Hat Festival from the inside of the Hall where I have my stall, so I rely on reports from others to know what is doing in the great outdoors. While everyone outside is gathering for the Big Mass Hat Wearing Photo at 12.30 on  the Saturday, those of us inside with our stalls are very busy taking advantage of the lack of customers, indulging in hat-related chat and trying on eachother's hats. We are kept going throughout the day by the lovely ladies who bake beautiful cakes and brew tea- there was a bit of a scrimmage over the final slice of coffee walnut...though, after setting the stall up and manning it all day, I think cake is allowed!

 These three lovely ladies visited my stall on Sunday, the two daughters  tried on hats and their mother bought one- and very lovely she looks wearing it too.

 The big surprise of the weekend for me was meeting a gentleman from my Primary School, who was wearing his original, instantly recognisable, school cap. Another delight was meeting a lady who reads this very blog ( hello again!) and on the Sunday I had the immense pleasure of being next to the stall of the delightful people who run the Feather Factory.

 Oh my! What lovely feathers- and what amazing things they do with them! 

This week is the first Birthday of Lady Sew and Sew's Henley Wharehouse, so I shall be busy helping get the place ready then doing my 'show and tell' talks  for their Open Days on Thursday and Sunday this week. See you there! Hope to get time to give you a sneak preview of the new displays we have created for the event...and perhaps also a peek at my brand new HAT!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Bridport Hat Festival 2012

Hat Festival this week, so here come the hats...six of the eight that are going with me and my Hat Pins and Brooches and other finery, fingers crossed for lovely weather!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Autumn Classes

 More details of classes I am teaching at Lady Sew and Sew this Autumn are on the Quilty Goodness page, link to the right. Here's a sneak peek at  this Autumn's offerings... I must get back to my hats now!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

What's Happening?

Quite a lot, is the simple answer.
 In a week's time I need to be ready for the third Bridport Hat Festival, so hats will be centre stage, but some quilting action has been taking place, to Rita's delight.

Photos and instructions for the Chicken Cushions have been prepared for Popular Patchwork and I'm working on a design ( above) for their Christmas Issue- more of that soon. On a personal sewing front I'm finally fitting in some stitching on the "Bird" quilt (right) and working on some quilted hanging ideas- after all, I got myself  three hangers at the Quilt Show, they need to be used-  one to be made in Tula Pink's 'Prince Charming' range (below)

and one in her 'Birds and Bees" range. They will both feature elements of piecing and applique- some bondawebbed and some 'proper' applique, plus embroidery and quilting. Both still in the working out phase, but I'm slowly getting to grips with what I shall do where and which fabrics and colours to use. I've also got some more Christmas designs mulling around awaiting making up ( below left).
  But they will have to hang fire until the Hat Festival is over. Only so much one can do in a week.  Recent chilly mornings and evenings and the gradually shortening days have me rather excited about the quilting and sewing possibilities that being stuck indoors in the Autumn/Winter present. I hesitate to wish away what little Summer we have had, but, I'm ready to dig out the Autumn cushion covers and throws and put my toadstools on the mantlepiece- time for a change!