Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Normal Felt Leaf Service has been resumed.

Phew! What a relief to wake up today feeling like myself, wanting to DO something rather than waking up and just wanting to go back to sleep under the blankets. Feeling better AND sunshine. Perfect. Getting colder, but it is January and in January it should be cold. The snowdrops are shooting, the hellebores starting to bloom and today it was pleasant to be outside for a while cutting back old leaves and clearing around the new shoots so that when they open, the flowers will show- big fat hellebore buds the size of jumbo gobstoppers.

 Even though I was feeling rubbish this week, I slowly cleared all the mess that had accumulated on my desk so that I could start making new mess when I felt better. So yesterday evening I started making leaves

a few more  to sew, then I shall put them together...


  1. I see that many of my blogger friends feel some kind of apathy after all those holidays we used to prepare so much for!me too, as i'm still in the process of starting a new crochet project for 2013:)i love the felt leaves - beautifully decorated with beads!
    have a nice day ahead!

    1. It has been so dark and grey here this winter, very hard to get motivated when you need the lights on at mid-day to see the colours of the yarn!