Thursday, 24 January 2013

Starting and Finishing

 Starting a new wall hanging, cheerful bright pink/fresh green colour scheme, it features a large applique tulip and a row of three foundation pieced tulips, along with some jelly roll stripping. Time to cheer the hallway up and work through some stash fabrics...remember, I do not need more fabric!

Finishing the lino cuts I printed last week, mounting them in plain card window mounts, with the smaller prints backed with highly textured hand-made papers. Pleased with the results.


  1. Beautiful! I'd love to learn sewing .
    You choice of color is so great!

  2. Sewing is easier than it looks- start simple with a running stitch, it is amazing what you can do by just using simple stitches to make something complex. As you get more confident, do more complicated stuff, if you start by hand sewing it does give you a really good feel for how to do it.