Tuesday, 22 January 2013

What do you do in the snow?

Two approaches to snowy Winter weather.
One: Rita, who was born in an airing cupboard and who has lived a pampered life. Every morning as soon as I'm awake she wants to be out racing around the garden and digging in the snow. She is in and out repeatedly for an hour or so, has breakfast, then settles into the front windowsill to chatter at the birds. She repeats this in the afternoon, coming in shaking the snow from her paws as she races around the house. She is equally demanding about the door being opened to go out as opened to come in and in the afternoon likes to get underneath a blanket for a snooze.

Two: Fred: who has lived a hard life and was nearly starved to death when we got him from the cat rescue. Fred knows just what Winter can be like as he has had to get through some on his own. Fred sleeps in a basket in front of the airing cupboard door where the hot pipe runs under the floor, it is lined with a synthetic furry blanket, so when he rolls around on it, it rather entertainingly flashes with static in the dark. On a cold morning he strolls downstairs around 10am, has breakfast, doesn't bother to look out of the window for long, uses the tray, strolls back upstairs to the basket after a cuddle and stays there until the late afternoon. He comes down for more food, settles down to watch the front garden from his blanket bed on the front windowsill before retreating, when it gets dark and chilly on the windowsill, to his fluffy blanket-lined basket in front of the tv for a bit of light entertainment and a cuddle before bedtime upstairs. Most of this time he is purring.
As for me, well, when it is a sheet of ice outside- as it is today- me and my artifical hip stay indoors!


  1. I do the same thing - stay indoors, that is. I'm wishing for the snow to disappear...

    Lovely to see Team Tabby again.

  2. Your cat stories are beautiful and so is your art.

    1. Thanks Heera- no snow today, but still cold, cats snuggled in their baskets.