Wednesday, 6 February 2013


 Freezing winds are battering us, lashing cold rain hammers down all night but the early Spring flowers are tough and can cope with whatever the weather throws at them. I'm not so hardy and walking around the garden to look at them hasn't been a very pleasant experience, so today I nipped out and brought some of the Hellebore flowers indoors. I cut a flower from each plant that I have- most of them are seedlings from my original few plants- and floated them in a bowl of water. Hellebores are prolific seeders and eager breeders, the exciting thing is waiting to see what you get, some of these seedlings I shall dig up as the flowers aren't that thrilling, but some of them I will keep as the shape, the veining or the colouration are different from those I have already. The large white is a baby from a white seedling bought for pennies at my local Horticultural Society plant sale- the parent plant  wasn't wildly entrancing, but I had too many pinks and wanted to spice up my stock of plants with some white. The babies are gorgeous- blooms nearly 4" across, bright white. I have two white flowering seedling plants of blooming size, by chance I planted them together right outside my window with some snowdrops, when I draw the curtains back in the morning, there they are, only the first one or two blooms open , but the promise of many fat, pale green buds.


  1. I've never seen these flowers. They have something in them. I liked especially those dark maroon ones - beautiful color!
    Hope your weather will become warm soon :) We have sunny days here again.

    1. Hello Anna- they are the first Spring flower that isn't a bulb, they have a remarkable ability to cope with really cold weather, when it freezes they just lie down on the ground, then pop up again when it warms up- no damage to them at all:the early bees love them as they are full of pollen. Sunshine this morning, frosty, but sunny-that sun makes all the difference!