Tuesday, 12 March 2013

On a Jelly Roll

 I find myself using two and a half inch strips often in my patterns and recently bought myself some Jelly Rolls to experiment with and see what could be designed using them. I have a wall hanging/knee quilt that is at the sketch stage, for which I shall break into my precious Tula Pink stash, but thought it better to start with something smaller. I know is March, really way too early for the festive season to enter my thoughts, but one of my jelly rolls is a funky Moda Christmas fabric design called "Joy". There is a howling NE wind  buffeting the house and it is snowing outside, so what the hell, let's go for it. I decided to see just how many items a jelly roll- and some backing fabric- could make. I've designed a matching tea pot/coffee pot cozy, a jacket for a cafetiere and a table runner, these will do for starters, once all those are made, I can see how much I have left over for more projects. I intend to have a set of matching makes that use up all of a jelly roll and compliment my Christmas designs from last year.
 So, bring on that snow!

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