Sunday, 24 March 2013

Progress Report

 Outside in it grim, but this means I feel no guilt about sitting on the sofa with a warm piece of hand sewing. Working is progressing on my quilt based on Swedish Bronze Age rock carvings and yesterday I added strips of fabric to represent the weathering and faults in the rock- blanket/scarf edge offcuts from the gorgeous weavings of Wallace and Sewell, available from  the very tasty Ray Stitch emporium. I have made a very rough sketch of how I want this to turn out, but I'm not drawing on the fabric before sewing, I am using the needle and thread as I would paint and brush, building up layers of colour and tone, gradually drawing the design out from the fabric. In the icy gloom of the morning I laid the quilt out to see how it might work with the buttons I shall be adding for emphasis- lovely buttons from the splendid Textile Garden. Loads more embroidering and quilting to do before I reach the button and backing stage, but pleased with how it is developing so far. I'm off back to the sofa now for some more stitching!

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