Sunday, 10 March 2013

Spring? What Spring?

 Here we are nearly half way through March and I've hardly been out in the garden. Sitting here snug inside on yet another grey and chilly morning listening to the birds outside. They SOUND like Spring. It has sounded like Spring out there for a few days now, but after two days of weather that felt like Spring had arrived, we are back into Winter. My very first daffodils have opened at long last, a short variety, but this year even shorter than normal. The snowdrops are lasting in the cold, still looking good after two months of cheerful brightness, the Hellebores likewise. Buds are thinking about opening out there and I am willing them to wait a bit as we are forecast freezing nights and snowy days next slow gloomy Springs like this one you realise how much day length and the sun getting higher in the sky triggers growth. Plants are growing, despite the cold, because, even though it is grey, there is more light and longer light. Just wish those pesky clouds wouldn't get in the way quite as much as they have been. So much to do in the garden and so little motivation to be out there doing it! Easter isn't so far away and  as yet I've not felt like putting out my Spring decorations, it just hasn't seemed  that it has started properly- if I close my eyes the bird song tells me it is Spring, but that day when you wake up, feel the air and just KNOW the season has moved on has yet to happen. Perhaps I should get all  my decorations out to encourage it to arrive.

 In the meantime, being indoors means lots of time to make prints. I'm loving  lino cuts- working from sketches, drawing with the cutters and adapting and changing things as I go along- a bit scary, but real fun. I had dabbled with printing years ago, but got frustrated with it and gave up, got a new lease of life with it now, so my indoor washing line is full again...

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