Monday, 29 April 2013

Sewing to the limits...

 It is the Henley Arts Trail this weekend,  May 4/5/6. Somehow, until about 48 hours ago May seemed to be AGES away. It isn't. May is the day after tomorrow. I am exhibiting three quilts in the show at Lady Sew and Sew and a load of class projects I will be teaching. I've not been doing as much work as usual this past few months as I've been ill, especially not doing much of the sewing , if you sew when ill you make horrendous mistakes. Well, I do. Oooops. Now sewing against the clock... finished this one, the Tulip hanging.


Did a tray mat for my "Christmas Jelly Roll" project.


Working on completing my "Bird Tree" quilt- started way too long ago and set aside- needs to be complete by Thursday afternoon.


Made a Kimono Cushion...what else can we find for me to do by May 4th? Well, there's a Tulip Runner to match the hanging for a start. And did I mention my new "Colour Tree" design? So much sewing, so little time!


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