Thursday, 25 April 2013

Tanum Quilt finished

 I have enjoyed making this very different quilt. Lots of hand sewing, working with the needle and thread as with a pencil or brush, drawing as I go, no marking out in advance.
 The quilt is based on a visit we made last year to Tanum in Sweden to see the Bronze Age rock carvings. The rocks were by the sea way back then, now they are marooned in woodland, shadowed by trees, weathered and colonised by lichens, their layers of images of people, animals, boats, sun discs and many, many circles softened and patinated by time. They really caught my imagination, somehow the repetitive rhythm of scraping  rock was linked to that of hand stitching. I used earthy colours, textured fabrics and all traditional and natural fibres- three thicknesses of cotton and some linen thread- the edging is pieced from traditional British wool tweed weave sample scraps, the embroidered and quilted shapes based on the rock carvings and Bronze Age stone loom weights.

 I loved using the Japanese textured woven fabrics, so pleasant to stitch through and feel in the hand.


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    1. Thanks Julie! It is very different from any other quilt I've designed and made, so it was a bit scary making it.