Thursday, 18 April 2013

Tula Pink's City Sampler- Sew along with Sew Sweetness

 For a while I have been pondering making a sampler quilt as a bit of relaxation- you know where you are with a sampler quilt, you just do what it says on the tin, then put it together and learn a lot in the process. It is also really fun to sew along with other people. So when Sara of Sew Sweetness announced that she was going to host a sew along for the new Tula Pink  City Sampler book, I decided to go for it.
 Sara who writes the blog Sew Sweetness is a whizz at designing bags, really enthusiastic about all matters sewing, has an eye for accurate detail, is very enthusiastic and encouraging about sewing and hails from Chicago. In Chicago they have 48 hours in a day instead of 24, I know this as Sara manages to do all the normal mum stuff AND blog AND write patterns AND answer daft questions from people like me. Sara is a very nice lady with a really refreshing and practical sewing blog.
 If you have read my blog for a while you will know I have been a fan of Ms Pink's fabric designs for quite a time. I was thrilled when they became available in the UK, even more when the lady herself came over here last year for the Quilt Festival and taught a class. I've seen her quilts up close and they are stonking. Tula writes with humour, warmth and by heck, that gal knows her stuff. Her first book was really informative- some great technique tips- inspiring and idiot-proof ( I am that idiot...): her second, from the quick peek I've had here, looks to be as good, if not better. So, why not join in the sew along? The book comes out here in the UK in early June, we will need to play 'catch-up' for the first blocks as it starts on May 20th, but if you fancy joining in some sassy creative sewing fun, I think this will absolutely fit the bill- heaven knows after this last endless Winter we could all do with some fun...

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