Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Gardening and Fabric choosing

Despite the cold, slow start to the year the garden is racing ahead and if the jobs aren't done soon, it may be too late- which is what happened last year. The front and back gardens desperately needed a really serious sort out last year- not a lot got done as the weather was hopeless, so everything got out of control... this year I have been making radical changes, lawns have been re-shaped, big shrubs pruned, plants moved or relocated to the compost bin. Beginning to think I might just get the garden sorted this year - the new raised beds in the back that did get made last year are settling down and stuff is growing, the hedge that was cut in half last year now has clemetis scrambling through it and the HUGE shed at the end of the garden, which really doesn't get used enough to justify the space it takes up, is about to find a new owner and I have created new luxury homes nearby for the hedgehogs that live under it to move into. By this time next year I might just have a garden that looks better and is easier to keep that way!

 Still not warm outside, so I'm back indoors before I seize up completely for some serious fabric organising. The Tula Pink Modern Sampler Quilt-along is starting, so final fabric decisions need to be made. I had been setting aside some red/cream fabrics with a  view to making a sampler quilt so thought they would do...got them out...way too restrained and 'tasteful'. Stash search... I stuck with the red, but took out the restrained fabrics, added some different, brighter reds, stronger patterns, some sludgy greens and different images. The juxtaposition of typewriter keys and cabbages, tape measures and tulips was irresistible...

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