Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Spring? Really?

Howling winds and thrashing rain...really not a soft and gentle Spring. There are baby birds in the hedge, Robins and Blue Tits, a triumph of optimism as the temperature is struggling to stay in double figures. The Swifts arrived ten days later than usual and yesterday morning, before the wind and the rain started, they were calling and diving around the house. I love it when they arrive. Last year they left really early,  had a rotten Summer, I doubt they managed to raise young, hoping for better this year. I was out early in the garden, sowing seeds before the weather went downhill - it is still a bit chilly for them, but if I leave it any later, it will be too late and with rain on the way to help them germinate it seemed the best opportunity. Now racing to and fro flapping my hands at the wood pigeons who have discovered the seeds- I was hoping the heavy rain would push them down into the soil and make it harder for them to find them! The rest of the week  is going to continue wet and chill, sewing of a different kind to be done. The hand applique is coming along nicely.

But I am completely distracted this morning,  wood pigeons have competition, as it it Star Trek time this afternoon. YIPPEE!

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