Friday, 17 May 2013

Too much excitement for one week.

 Star Trek on Wednesday was everything I was hoping and more. Awesomely good fun- I laughed, I cried, I gasped and even yelped out loud- I NEVER yelp out loud at the cinema. Going again as soon as I can. Yep, THAT good.
 Yesterday I was doing my occasional volunteering day at Waddesdon Manor. Every year a new arrangement is unveiled for the dining room, this year we have table linen sculptures. Yes, you read that correctly. Popular from the Renaissance onwards, princes and potentates with money to burn and vast banqueting tables to fill would have these amazing creations made to make their guests gasp. Using simple white, pre-starched table linen, folded and pressed with only the fingers-not ironed- sometimes shaped and sewn together, often just made from squares or lengths of fabric with wooden supports inside to hold up the more elaborate pieces, these sculptures are wondrous to see. The gentleman artist who makes these wonders is from Spain, his designs are all based on engravings of table decorations made for long ago banquets and he has taught himself how to re-create them. Joan Sallas has infinite patience and I was lucky to meet him and watch him working yesterday, sitting quietly at a large window, patiently making tiny folds in a piece of crisp white fabric that resolved, after hours of work, into an elegant peacock. He exhibited pieces at the Holborne Museum in Bath earlier this year and is working on an even larger set of designs for the various dining rooms at Waddesdon. The linen sculptures will be on show all this Summer and they really are breath-taking.

 Follow this link for the exhibition at Waddesdon Manor
 Follow this link to find out more and see some of the designs from the exhibition in Bath.

 My third thrill of the week was this morning, I decided to take part in the Tula Pink City Sampler Sew-along. It is starting on May 20th and though I pre-ordered my copy of the book way back in March and it was available in the USA weeks ago, it wasn't due out here until a week into June. But- hurrah- the books are shipping sooner and my copy should be with me by Tuesday. The book looks gorgeous; Tula is a great fabric and quilt designer and I love her idea for a modern version of a sampler quilt that you can customise to suit yourself. People taking part who have the book already are posting photos of their blocks and it is real fun to see the different fabric versions of the same blocks. Some awesome fabric combos and proof of how good the book is- as soon as they lay their hands on it they want to start making up the blocks. I think I have chosen my fabrics, but that may change once I have the book...all the more reason to get back to finishing my project using some of the new Kaffe Fassett ribbons ( also exciting) so the sewing table is a bit clearer for Tuesday!

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