Monday, 17 June 2013

Can you spot the Tumbleweed? Yes, Empty Open Studios

So far, days open=6, visitors= 9.
 10 if I count the dog-who didn't stay for long.
Enjoy the virtual tour, it is the last time I shall be doing this, too much effort for nothing! Six more days to go- not sure I can take the excitement.

 Or the despair.


  1. Oh Kate, love, don't despair - just don't do it again. It must be so frustrating for you, if only I lived nearer!

    1. No, not doing it again. Even worse than last year! There are only two of us doing it round here, not enough for anyone to 'make a day of it' and there is nothing 'arty' in the town for people to visit either. After two days freezing in a barn doing publicity and three days in Henley handing out 250+ leaflets and brochures, I think I have given it my best shot!