Thursday, 13 June 2013

Felt leaves and stitching

Plenty of stitching going on this week, not a lot of gardening. Pretty uninspiring out there still and loads to get done indoors.

 Making more Oak Leaf Necklaces- how much do I enjoy playing with the coloured felts?

Finished two, more on the way.

 The hand applique is finally finished on the new quilt- took me all day to do the circles; yes,  ALL DAY for three circles. I think I will return to bondaweb! Though for this particular project, hand applique was really the only way to get the effect I wanted- no-one but myself to blame for the tedium of getting the circles right- I am now even more in awe of quilters who do complex hand turned applique quilts!
Started on the embroidery yesterday- much more fun, colours and stitches and freedom to make it up as I go soon...

And sleeves rolled up for a few dark blue prints of my "hedgerow" design- two sold at Open Studio already, so replacements needed!


  1. Blimey Kate, you are packing a lot in. It all looks amazing, sigh. How do you do it?
    Thanks for the hat love. Golly, they had some lovely ones, I stopped at two, so restrained. A hat always fits me. Still feel gutted about the beautiful hat stands I missed out on in Bridders a while back. One day when I have my vintage styled dressing room, they would have been just the ticket...
    Love Hen xxx

    1. It is a bit crazy here for the foreseeable future!I always have difficulty resisting hats too, fortunately I do not have a face that takes every hat, so looking in a mirror usually resolves the problem of temptation!x