Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Hard to let go...

When I make something I usually make it because I really WANT to make it and I like the thing I'm making. A few months ago I made a prototype necklace using my felt oak leaves. I really liked it. I planned to make more and have finally got round to it. The second one I made I also REALLY liked, ended up liking it so much I'm wearing it...I like the three others I'm currently making too.

 Today I sold the prototype to a lady who also really liked it. Nearly snatched it back from her...very hard to let it go...I know it is silly as I am designing and making these things so I can sell them, but, heck it was hard to let it go...


  1. I can see why you would want to keep this one - I would fight you for it! Your artwork below is exquisite - a woman of many talents! Hope they like your quilts at the show as much as we do - they're bound to, they are so lovely. xCathy

    1. Thanks Cathy- going to be exciting seeing my stuff at the show this week- and I'm on a stand meeting quilters....oooer....