Saturday, 20 July 2013

Meeting Quilters

 Been a very warm and very busy few weeks. I've been away gadding about in far flung cities. I've given a talk to one Quilt group and taught a class at another. Lovely ladies all, I do enjoy getting out and about and seeing other peoples' work. The class was at a very nice shop in Horsell, near Chobham/Woking in Surrey. It was a real Aladdin's cave- lovely selection of fabrics, great haberdashery, really excellent selection of needles and other equipment, knitting wool and embroidery threads. One to return to. The name? Needle and Thread, 80 High Street Horsell GU21 4SZ and here is a link to their online shop . I believe the owner does do shows, so watch out for her stand. A really nice fabric selection- which is what I love about visiting quilt shops, every owner will make a different selection, might be the same manufacturer, might be the same range, but every shop will pick their favourites. And yes, before you ask, I did break my " I need no fabric" rule, I fell spectacularly off the waggon, I found some fabrics that will fit very nicely with some ideas I have for projects and bring them to the 'enough fabric to make it' stage. That almost sounds reasonable doesn't it?
 I confess that it isn't the first time this month I have broken my "no buy' rule. I was in New York. I visited the City Quilter. They had stuff you can't get readily in the UK, dyed wool fabric for applique. How could I resist? The ladies in the City Quilter were a delight- as USA quilt shops go it is teeny-weeny, more the size of a UK quilting shop, but they do have some things there we can't readily get here, so worth dropping by if you are in NYC. I have an real urge to make a penny rug- but no way am I working with wool fabric until it is cooler.
I have another quilt to finish this week for the NEC show, but just the thought of a quilt over my hot knees is too much for me today...
I also visited 'old' York to see some trains- more of that another day- and came across a lovely wool shop, Ramshambles- nice staff, lovely wool selection, likewise patterns. By chance I stumbled upon  a 'proper' sewing shop- one of those that has seemingly endless rooms winding backwards and each one has more,different, good stuff I left a Husband was standing outside with the family dog, "will she be long?" he asked. I replied that it was "like the tardis". He sighed. I recommend a visit if you are in York, it is very near the Cathedral, so only a slight detour required, The Viking Loom - again, very helpful and knowledgeable staff. I got the quilt fix I didn't have time to fit in in New York in old York- lovely exhibition on at the Quilt Museum, catch it if you can, on until 31 August!
 It is very hot here, so very hot my precious double red rose fried in the sunshine.

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