Saturday, 6 July 2013

Summer poppies- with bees!

 The garden is humming with Bumble bees this year and after a slow start, with the honey bees looking worryingly small and few, the chimney top bee colony is buzzing with loads of big, shiny, healthy bees. This colony has now been going for at least seven years, just proves that if you leave bees alone to regulate themselves they can thrive, even through three horrible Winters and a couple of grim Summers. I'm thinking of taking a bee keeping course and getting a hive for my front garden-the chimney bees tend to stay at the back of the house where they live, so some more bees at the front would be excellent. I'm thinking I will keep the bees 'naturally'- intervention only when the bees have a problem, only taking surplus honey, keeping bees for the sake of having bees rather than honey production for me, though a bit of surplus might be nice, knowing which flowers they like to visit I suspect the favour might be a tad 'interesting'!

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