Saturday, 31 August 2013

Fabrics I should have bought more of.

 I don't know about you, but in my head I have a catalogue of 'fabrics I should have bought more of'.   A sad and sorry catalogue, with occasional surprising entries- fabrics that I wondered why I had bought ANY of that turned out to just work so well when pieced that I really, really wished I had got more. It can be a roller coaster ride tracking down  the fabric you wished you had more of, the disappointment when you realise it was only a short print run and once it is all sold, it is gone. Tula Pink's 'Nest' for example- I spent many late nights browsing the Fabric Shack site and yearning for that fabric when it first came out but didn't- STUPIDLY- order an envelope of it... at that time you could get away with an envelope of fabric arriving duty free from the USA, now that doesn't  happen, customs seem to have realised that they can make money from quilters' fabric addiction! I did get myself a jelly roll of it recently- massive duty to pay, but what the hell...

 Currently I've been hunting down this fabric, the one with the bees ( more of the blue one with the white pattern arrived in the post this morning!).

 I bought it thinking it was OK, not special, just OK, liked the bees, might make good quilt backing, it was really cheap in a sale...once I got it home I found it to be a brilliant background fabric for applique and it is one of those fabrics that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE who looks at a quilt with this fabric in it goes "oooh, where did you get the bee fabric? I want some". I want some too and this time I will buy several metres. 

 This morning I found it. Woke early, bright clear cool morning with an Autumnal feel to the air, fresh coffee, toast, settle down to an online fabric hunt (I also found some seriously addictive sludgetastic fabrics that are now on my seek and aquire list, but that is by-the-by) oh, the joy of finding an elusive fabric! And as for discovering that it is available at a shop I just happen to be passing on a journey next week- well, icing on the cake, I get an excuse to visit a new-to-me quilt shop!
What are your "I wish I had bought more" fabrics?

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