Tuesday, 10 September 2013

All change!

I was away in Bridport for the Hat Festival over the weekend and on Sunday morning I took my Great nephew out for breakfast and a stroll on the beach at West Bay. As we left the house he said "oooo, I have Dragon's breath this morning!". It was chill enough for us to enjoy making misty spurts of breath as we strolled along, we rounded the corner where there is a fabulous view of the valley down to the sea, big swathes of mist were hanging on the hills opposite.    
 We stood on top of the ridge of shingle on the beach, arms wide, letting the strong wind inflate our trousers and jackets- a wind so strong it made me and the camera shake, so no photos! I rather wished I had packed socks and a jumper for my weekend away, the season changed on Saturday night.
 Back home to a rainy, grey, chilly Monday. All change in the house, time for Summer to go away and Autumn to come out. The cats seem to approve of the new arrangement with their winter blankets in the front bay window!

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