Monday, 30 September 2013

Foundation piecing- with added fish!

 All a bit bonkers here currently- been waiting to have an operation, which has been cancelled once already, got a new date in a couple of weeks time, supposed to take three weeks off afterwards. Consequently trying to fit two month's work into this month. Bit of a marathon, quite looking forward to the operation as at least I will get a few hours sleep!
 Finished a little hanging for the Contemporary Quilt Group's 'Water Water' exhibition in Henley in November, 'Fishing with Mr Klee'. I don't usually go for batiks, years ago I bought some manufacturer's sample sets of batiks in a sale for ridiculously little money so I could play with them without too much outlay of dosh, every now and then they suit a project, might just squeeze one more out of them, though nearly all the ones I have left are deepest, darkest sludge!


  1. This is just gorgeous, the orange really sings against the turquoisey blues...beautiful.

    1. Hello Penny! Thanks.The fish were a bit of an afterthought- did the background and knew it needed something else- had just enough bright orangey fabrics to make them!