Monday, 16 December 2013

The weeks have flown by

I had this idea in my mind that after my thyroid operation when I would have to take two weeks off I would spend it doing some really enjoyable, relaxing sewing projects. I was going to work on two Tula Pink designs, my Shoreline Quilt, started in one of her classes when she was in the UK this Summer, and my Modern City Sampler quilt blocks. I love making these blocks, but just haven't had time to fit them into a rather more hectic schedule than anticipated this year. I had happy visions of ending my two weeks 'off' with a lovely big stack of finished blocks.
I spent the two weeks after the operation sitting in an arm chair falling asleep. In week one I did two rows of knitting. The second of which had to be undone. Three times. In week two I was less ambitious and watched two series of Madmen, time not completely wasted! Week three was spent gearing up for my first day back teaching- managed it, but was back to the arm chair for a couple of days afterwards. Recovery has been slower  and less full of activity than I imagined it would be. As a consequence I still haven't fitted in my 'fun' projects as it has been back to work as soon as it was possible.
 Two enjoyable days were spent teaching at the West Country Quilt Show and I would recommend a trip to it- a proper quilt show, but on a manageable scale, with excellent catering- yes, cake and lunch that are as good as you could make yourself...plenty of interesting stalls staffed by knowledgeable ladies and a smattering of knowledgeable gentlemen, lots of classes to choose from-whole days or taster sessions, plenty of quilts on show and outside the hall some of the most beautiful countryside you could wish for and towns like Bath and Frome to visit, so well worth making a longer journey and staying a few days.
 I would have taken photos, but there were so many lovely quilters to chat to, so much fabric to stroke and purchase and then classes to teach that I rather ran out of time! Yes, I know I do NOT need any more fabric. Now I REALLY do not need any more fabric.
 Since getting back home from the show I have been giving the house a proper sort out- there isn't a single piece of furniture upstairs that has not moved in the past couple of weeks. One of those tasks that just had to be completed by Christmas...the blog and Christmas preparations took a back seat, but this weekend, the tinsel came out, the fairy lights came on and I got into the festive swing.The darkest part of the year is with us and boy, has it been gloomy! But this morning a real bright bit of unexpected jolly news arrived in my inbox- the lovely Cathy of Potter Jotter ( link to her Blog on the right) had a blog giveaway of some of her delicious ceramic buttons- I won some! mmmm, what little project shall I use them for.......? Cathy makes  ceramics inspired by quilts, one day I hope I shall have a bowl or plate to match the buttons!