Thursday, 30 January 2014

The joy of sewing with wool

I am enjoying working with wool. So pleasant in the hand and so very comforting on a gloomy, damp, chill evening-  we have many such currently!
This is a wool panel with the tree cut from woolfelt- I was concerned about the fraying of wool fabric and wanted to experiment with the felt. Might do another using fabric and bondaweb as I loved making this one- and it only took a couple of evenings!

Monday, 27 January 2014

Spring Tree Wall Hanging



 - and here is a wallhanging!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Wool quilt progress and some more Spring Trees

 Still raining, but less than it was, we are even getting a bit of sunshine. Way more motivating and consequently work progresses. Here are this week's makes- three more Spring Tree blocks put together to create a wall hanging, ready to be quilted and embellished

 The second wool quilt block, first layer of stitching complete and now ready for the second layer of quilting and embroidering. There will be four of this block design in the quilt, so just as well I am enjoying doing it, but each will use different fabrics.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Wool block- completed.

 Second layer of quilting complete, block backed and ready to become part of a quilt- eight more to go....I will be teaching this later in the year, so watch for details.
The sun is shining, it isn't raining. Crumbs!

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


For a while now I have been contemplating making something quilty with wool fabrics. Been amassing wool for the purpose over the past year or so... now started on designing the blocks and making them. I'm making 'quilt as you go" blocks as that is what I enjoy most,  manageable sized pieces  that can be completed as you go though the project, giving a real sense of achievement, small enough to be portable and completed in a day, with the hand sewing done in a couple of evenings. Such pleasure hand sewing with wool, so soft and pliable, and also nice and warming on the fingers!
I am working on the blocks in stages, stitching around the appliqued designs with perle threads before the wadding goes on, then layering the wadding and quilting the background, this makes the applique stand out proud from the backgound fabric.

Then I am layering in the backing - brushed cotton or the quilt will weigh a ton- and doing more stitching in the background, which will give another 'layer' to the stitching. This quilt is going to be part of the Embroidered Garden project, which I am hoping to get completed by March this year for an exhibition. No pressure.....

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Forget the gloom, Spring will arrive...

 I have a couple of brave snowdrops right outside my window ready to open out if it gets warm and calm enough, their lovely white buds glowing in the gloom and wriggling and jiggling with every gust of wind. A reminder that however dark and grim it is out there, the seasons do move on.
 Indoors I have cheered myself up by starting a little project to cheer tha house up a bit. When I took down the decorations and put away all my Christmas table runners the rooms looked so bare and dull I decided something needed to be done and FAST.
 So, I went back to my little foundation pieced tree design from last year, easy to make, goes together in no time, a few adjustments of size, some plain fabrics and a jolly jelly roll ( Amy Butler Soul Blossoms ) that had been lurking in my stash for too long, some buttons and perle embroidery threads...and voila, a Spring tree. Wall hanging and runners to follow-watch this space....

Monday, 6 January 2014

Here we go!

 Suddenly the Christmas decorations look sad instead of jolly, suddenly it is time to stop the hibernation and get on with all the ideas that have popped into my head whilst sitting about enjoying everything Christmas ( except the massive piles of washing and washing up), suddenly I am feeling better after the operation and suddenly I am 60. Quite how I reached 60 so fast is beyond me.
 This year I am setting myself a little fun challenge. In my hallway I have four square picture frames. They had paintings in them, but I got sick of the sight of them and took them all out some months ago. The frames were on the wall, empty. I thought this would encourage me to get on and paint some new pictures to go in them, but in fact nothing of the sort happened....come December I realised that they were the first thing you saw as you walked in the door and how grim did those empty frames look surrounded by festive decorations?  
Thus, the 'Cup of Coffee Challenge" was born.
 How does it work?
1) Make coffee.
2) Take four frames  down from the wall
3) BEFORE the coffee has got cold, make four related images to fit in the frames.
4) Re-hang filled frames and admire while finishing the still hot coffee.
I started with some glitter card and paper snowflakes- 10 minutes max from start to finish. Visitors loved them.

 This morning, after watching the wind throwing the branches of my trees around, the new set was made. There will be a quilted wall hanging to go with them...but that will take more than one cup of coffee!

 Happy New Year everyone!